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The GCM does not support companies with the goal to maximize their profit at any cost which means:
• destruction of the environment
• exploitation of their workers
• damage to the health of its customers

And the GCM does not support companies which are involved in the following activities:
Interest-demanding debt, war weapons and equipment, uranium nuclear energy, microwaves, poisoning the environment, chemical drugs;

The GCM supports companies which
• are either debt-free, just have interest-free debt or want to become completely debt-free
• do care about the environment or want do care about the environment as much as possible
• are fair to their workers (fair wages and good working conditons, profit share)
• do not sell unhealthy products to its customers

Why is it so important that the company has no interest demanding debt
A free market just works in a shortage market where there is a shortage of products or services.
In a saturated free market with a surplus of products or services the company profits tend to 0.
A company which makes no profit is not able to pay interest.
That means if it has interest demanding debt it will go bankrupt.
At banking crises the debt will become due. Because the company cannot repay it will be seized by the banks. See also very high inflation

Venture capital provider
Capital provider can provide capital long-term to the GCM as venture capital credit (claim), the minimum is EUR 250.
The venture capital claim is for the most part secured by the assets of the GCM.
Risk note: Company failures can affect the reserves of the GCM, however a normal percentage can be absorbed.
Withdrawal conditions:
• Capital claims can be withdrawn earliest 5 years after the first deposit.
• The total withdrawal amount can never be higher then the total deposit amount because any return is not credited by the GCM.
Therefore this is a capital provision and not an investment. Definition investment and capital provision
Capital providers are conform to the spiritual rules.

Venture capital credit and virtual investments
Venture capital credit:
VC / vec - venture capital in Euro / Eurocent
Deposits are credited at the iduzone.

Virtual income shares
VC can be used for virtual investment to GCM-registered companies.
At income shares the value is always 1. They terminate automatically.
There are monthly repayment credits of 2%, total 50 repayments (100% of capital, in 4 years and 2 months).
At for-profit companies there are further 10 payments (20% profit share, in further 10 months), but the return is not credited in VC / vec.
• Because the capital is not invested directly to these companies but provided to the GCM, the GCM is 100% liable for the repayment of the capital.
• The capital is not locked forever to a company, it can be re-invested newly again and again.
• There is no financial gambling: no up and down of share prizes, no trading necessary;
Exit possibilities and risk note:
Income shares can be moved up to the parent company or supervisory company and they can be closed, but a 10% reserve contribution is charged.

Other use of VC / vec: DAG Silver | BC / bac (Base Capital)
For further use please check inside for details.

Be aware: Investments at stock exchanges and crowdfunding platforms are not secured, a 100% loss is possible!
And prepare yourself for the coming Hyperinflation.

If you no longer want to accept that a small profit-greedy group is destroying our planet, please support the GCM in its efforts.

This is not a commercial website, all services here are free.
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